I did and it was good as fuck! 

I remember the day and where I was when I confessed my love for Beyonce -- July 2, 2005 in Philadelphia, PA. I was at the Live 8 concert; during Destiny's Child set in the middle of the Say My Name, I stood up and sceamed "I LOVE YOU BEYONCE!"

There is only one witness to this event, my college BFF Jazo. Over the years I never professed to be in the beyhive, because I wasn't. I appreciated Beyonce and recognized that she was in a league of her own, yet I still wanted more. I wanted something deeper from Beyonce something more than the nonsense she was putting out there. I mean come on 7/11 was trash -- cute video tho! I desperately wanted her to do more, make music that I could connect to.

Well finally she fucking delivered! FINALLLYYYYYYYYYY! Lemonade is great! We finally had a moment where there visuals and the music matched. FINALLLLYYYYY!  I am currently watching Lemonade for the second time and boy did Beyonce show amazing growth and progression as an artist. There was depth to the lyrics and the visuals. 



  1. I am still digesting the visuals. It was so much to take in.
  2. She had Serena twerking for her. SERENA WILLIAMS! 
  3.  I think Beyonce has finally given us a classic album. Finally there are lyrics that are saying something. We are not left trying to determine if "I've been drinking watermelon" means she swallows. 
  4. "I fucked with you until I realized I was too much for you!" >>TRUE STORY!
  5. She told us so much, but at the same time didn't tell us anything. LMAO!
  6. Why isn't Forward longer? 
  7. She had me ready to check the man I don't even have. Like really ready to cuss a motherfucker out who does not exist. 
  8. I wish Formation wasn't on the album. I didn't really enjoy that song when it dropped in February. 
  9. My favorite songs right now are Pray You Catch Me, Don't Hurt Yourself, Sorry, and Love Drought. 

I think I can say that I love Beyonce again. I am not in the beyhive though. I am beyhive adjacent, cuz I am not gonna fight Rachel or Rita in the name of Beyonce, LMAO! Can we call it the honey pot? What did you guys think? Are you a new member to the Beyhive or Honeypot? Were you impressed with Lemonade? Let me know!