Let's Go!

The Musings of a Funky. Intelligent. Random. Amusing. Woman. who Figures Out Her Path in Life as she Goes!

This is just me; AB sharing my thoughts about life’s many twist and turns.  A therapist I am not.  A motivational speaker… NAW! I’ve seen some things, and heard some things too that have shaped who I am. I want to share these experiences with you and engage with you. I started this almost 5 years ago, but now it’s time to bring it back. It will be funny as hell sometimes. It will be sad other times, and maybe a bit heavy. We gonna get a lil’ nasty.  Shit, we might even get a bit dirty! But my ask of you is that you not be a stranger.  You take something away from me and I take something away from you. Deal?  Cuz you better believe it’s going to go down…

…East of the Mississippi. 


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